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Dear Friend! Welcome to our online images tools! All tools are completely accessible for free.
Help us to make it better - write feedback

Enjoy with us, with best wishes - support team

10,000 images was processed [News 2009-12-01]
Today was processed JPEG image with number 10,000. It is big holiday for Images branch of My-Addr Project, we say thanks to our user's for trust. We will continue to work - create new tools and upgrade old tools. Today first day of winter, we will hope that well processed photos will warm hearts :).

Some little upgrade [News 2009-10-31]
At the beginning name of output image file was urlencoded, that is why some files looking not pretty after upload (with chars '%234%457'). We turn off urlencoding for output file name, we hope that it will working fine.

Error checking [News 2009-09-28]
67 Errors with conversation/resizing was checked, we find 100% of errors was not a issue of our service. The most popular mistake - it's try to upload JPEG for "gif to jpg" and "png to jpg" tools, as result - error that this file is not png/gif image. Also we find 4 MPEG videos that was uploaded as GIF :), and few empty files (empty file - it can be issue of internet). Dear user's, if it's really need - we can add tool for detect image format :), waiting for feedbacks if need.

Tools using [News 2009-09-22]
We find that some users trying to use tool for some fixed image format (GIF for example) for some other (PNG for example). Our tools that linked with fixed formats working only with it, and no other. We check 98% of situations when out tool saying that format is wrong and find that it's really true (we find no issues). But we always reading feedbacks and checking, so pls write to us if something going wrong.

GIMP 2.7.0 Development Release [News 2009-09-06]
It's not a stable version of product, but lots of new features was added. There are some of it:
  • Change the Text Tool to perform text editing on-canvas
  • Add a simple parser to size entry widgets, images can be scaled to e.g. "50%" or "2 * 37px + 10in"
  • Added support for rotation of brushes
  • Make the Pointer dockable show information about selection position and size
  • Move 'Text along path' from tool options to text context menu
  • Change default shortcuts for "Shrink Wrap" and "Fit in Window"
  • Make Alt+Click on layers in Layers dockable create a selection from the layer
  • Allow to specify written language in the Text Tool
  • Add diagonal guides to the Crop Tool
  • New docks are created at the pointer position
  • Add support for printing crop marks for images
This realease will become stable in next month.

Images at My-Addr Project

This is branch of My-Addr Project created for free online image modification (online image changer), manipulation with user's images like converter,resizing,simple editing.
First of all it's created for converting from one image type to other - like JPG to GIF and something like this.
It's useful because if can access it on any computer that linked with internet and web browser application - no ther soft are required.
How it's working? You opening tool, setuping settings, choose file, and submit form - as result you downloading already modified file.

Currently supported graphic formats: PNG, GIF, JPG, BMP.
We deploy several tools, and hoping that it will be useful for our users. You can find some description of any tool, that helping to understand difference in images formats, colors, transparency.
During developing we find solution how to convert/resize transparent png/gif to transparent gif/png, you can see examples on "png to gif" tool.
The basic set of tools are finished (but we continue working on EXIF file data reading), we will continue to add new tools after feedbacks.

Everyone who have any idea about some useful tools that is not present here now can write feedback to us.