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Converter gif to png online,gif to png converter ONLINE freeware+transparency

One of the most useful and necessary tools - free gif to png converter that is available for using online and is very simple. Here is a short manual on how to use our gif to png converter freeware with transparency. So how to convert gif to png? First choose a gif file, set the compression level and press "Go", you will get download notice afterwards.
As you may know GIF is a bitmap image format. This format supports up to 8 bits per pixel so that a single image may have a palette of up to 256 distinct colors chosen from the 24-bit RGB color space. Usually GIF images are stored using a so called "indexed colors", that's why gif image has smaller size than jpg does. Users do not use gif for storing high quality photos, but they often use it for animations. It's usually used for simple images such as graphics, avatars, userpics or logos with solid areas of color. Please note: while converting gif to png transparency will remain.
PNG is also a bitmapped image format. It applies lossless data compression, also known as Portable Network Graphics. PNG was actually created for improving and replacing GIF, so png is considered to be much better. What is more PNG supports palette-based RGB or RGBA images, and partly transparent pixel mode. PNG was created in order to get images of better quality that cannot be provided by gif. This format is not considered to be the best solution for image saving and storing. On the contrary to gif, PNG images can either use palette-indexed color or consist of one or more channels. The bit depth of the channel, also known as number of bits allocated per pixel up to 24 bits is also used for this format.
As a result of using gif to png converter you will get png image with size larger then gif. It's so because of 24-32bit color depth and compression nature of png, gif is a bitmap without good compression, but with low color depth, that's why compressed png is larger than gif, there is nothing to do with our gif to png free converter. PNG without compression has file size up to 10 times bigger than with compression level 1, see examples down the page. Remember, this is online tool and fully free.

This converter gif to png file working with files up to 4Mb, pls wait for result and do not try to do refresh - it will be not faster to start uploading from beginning.
GIF image basicaly low level quality, so it's no reason to set quality to "without compression"

Choose GIF file:    Quality:

There are examples of using our free converter gif to png online with diffrent quality rate. No visible differency between Image 1,2,3. Image 1 (initial GIF with transparency), size 22Kb
Image 2 (PNG, without compression, best of quality), size 256Kb
Image 3 (PNG, compression level 1, by default), size 49,6Kb