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Converter png to gif online,png to gif converter ONLINE freeware+transparency

At this page you may use png to gif converter free of charge. So how can we convert png to gif ? All you need to do is to choose an image from the directory and push the "Go" button. After that the download will start automatically. It's obvious that png to gif converter is very simple so anyone can use it. It is furthermore a unique tool, because PHP have problems with converting transparent png to transparent gif, but this tool works correctly with png to gif transparency. A lot of time was spent to create this feature, because as a rule transparency is converted to some visible color by default.
As you may know PNG is a bitmapped image format that uses lossless data compression. The full name sounds like Portable Network Graphics. PNG was created in order to improve upon and replace GIF format, as png has proved to be much better. It's outstanding that PNG supports both palette-based RGB or RGBA images and pixel partly transparent mode. PNG was designed for images of high quality the one that gif can't provide. Today it is one of most beloved formats of images on the Internet. PNG images can have double nature - either they use palette-indexed color or are made up of several channels. The bit depth of the channel, aka number of bits allocated per pixel up to 24 bits is am available option for this format.
On the other hand GIF is a bitmap image format. This format supports up to 8 bits per pixel, which allows a single image to refer to a palette of up to 256 distinct colors chosen from the 24-bit RGB color range, it may use transparency but not partly pixel transparency (like PNG does). It's not common to use gif for storing high quality photos or pictures, therefore it supports animations. It is more convenient to use it for simple images with transparency (such as graphics or logos).
Our png to gif converter freeware will turn png image to gif and the size of gif will be smaller than png. It happens because of difference in formats, and is not connected to our png to gif free converter. You can always be sure that quality will be maximized. You can see down the page the examples of using this tool on transparent image.

This converter png to gif file working with files up to 4Mb, pls wait some time for image uploading, it's linked with file size and you internet speed. You will get download popup after.

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Here is example of converting png to gif transparency with using our tool. Gif image looking more pure then initial png.
Image 1 (initial png high quality, transparent)
Image 2 (gif transparent, converted by our tool)