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Welcome to free gif resizer online tool. It's a gif resizing web accessible for everyone. How to use this tool? First of all - you must specify gif file that will be used by online gif resize tool, the second obligatory step - choose width and height of furute image, it can be size in pixels or in percents (use dropdown menu for change), limit of future filesize is 20MegaPixels. And the last - about smoothing, if you using gif resizing tool for make image much bigger than native size - it will be usefull to use "Smoothly interpolation" (but for non transparent images, because smoothing - partly killing ytransparancy), it's will be looking like some blur, in other case (simple gif resizing) - you will get image that consist of "big pixels".
GIF is a bitmap image format. The format supports up to 8 bits per pixel, allowing a single image to reference a palette of up to 256 distinct colors chosen from the 24-bit RGB color space. As usualy GIF images stored with using "indexed colors", thats why gif image can have more little size then jpg. Gif not using for storing high quality photos, but supports animations and allows a separate palette of 256 colors for each frame. It's comonly used for simpler images such as graphics or logos with solid areas of color. During resizing transparent will be saved.
Online gif resize tool will return gif image, with return image in good quality because bitmap have not troubles with resize. In the bottom of page you can see examples with using our free gif resizer tool.

This resize gif online free tool working with files up to 4Mb, but you must understant that file uploading taking a time, thats why files with size 2-4Mb can be in upload proggress during few minutes, resizing progrees will take few seconds, and you will get download popup after.
In case of non transparancy, will be useful to try smoothly interpolation mode, it will be more pretty.

Smoothly interpolation:          do not use for transparent! try for images resized from little to big size
Width *:      obligatory field, it must be numeric
Height *:      obligatory field, it must be numeric

There are examples of using our resize gif online free tool for transparent gif in non smooting mode. Gif is a type of bitmap images, so it's resizing perfect.
Image 1 (initial),125x72, filesize 5Kb
Image 2 250x144, filesize 13Kb