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Welcome to free png resizer online tool. It's a png resizing web accessible for everyone. How to use this tool? First of all - you must specify png file that will be used by online png resize tool, the second obligatory step - choose width and height of furute image, it can be size in pixels or in percents (use dropdown menu for change), limit of future filesize is 20MegaPixels. And the last - about smoothing, it's not a recommended to use smooth for transparant images. If you using png resizing tool for make image much bigger than native size - it will be usefull to use "Smoothly interpolation", it's will be looking like some blur, in other case (simple png resizing) - you will get image that consist of "pig pixels".
PNG is a bitmapped image format that employs lossless data compression, called also as Portable Network Graphics. PNG was created to improve upon and replace GIF, png is much better. PNG supports palette-based RGB or RGBA images, and pixel partly transparent mode. PNG was designed for images with better quality that gif can't provide. This format is in list of formats with best quality of image saving. PNG images can either use palette-indexed color or be made up of one or more channels. The bit depth of the channel, also known as number of bits allocated per pixel up to 24 bits are allowed this format.
Online png resize tool will return png image, it size is linked with quality and smoothing. In the bottom of page you can see examples with using our free png resizer tool.

This resize png online free tool working with files up to 4Mb, but you must understant that file uploading taking a time, thats why files with size 2-4Mb can be in upload proggress during few minutes, resizing progrees will take few seconds, and you will get download popup after.
Smoothly interpolation looking like blur with resize to bigger, but without smoothing can be "rectangle pixels" on image.

PNG:      Quality:
Smoothly interpolation:   Remove size from filename (like "_16x24"):

There are examples of using our resize png online free tool with compression + smooting and without smooting + without compression. Image 1 (initial),162x116, filesize 29Kb
Image 2 (without compression and without smooth), 356x121, filesize 225Kb
Image 3 (compression level 1+smooth), 356x121, filesize 29Kb