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Converter png to jpg online,png to jpg converter ONLINE freeware tool

There is a free png to jpg converter, easy for online usage. So how doespng to jpg converter function? To convert png to jpeg, choose png file from your computer, set quality and push "Go", you will get jpg(jpeg) image in couple seconds after that.
Let's remind you what are the main features of those file formats. As you may know PNG is a bitmapped image format that applies data compression without losses. The full name is Portable Network Graphics. PNG was created on purpose to replace GIF, because png is much better. What is more PNG supports palette-based RGB or RGBA images, and pixel transparent mode. PNG was designed for images to have better quality – the one that gif cannot provide. Nowadays it is one of most popular image format in web (the leader is jpg). All modern browsers support its pixel transparency. PNG images can either be made up of one or more channels or use palette-indexed color. The bit depth of the channel, aka number of bits allocated per pixel can reach 24 bits in this format.
As we alredy mentioned JPEG is the most popular format in the Internet. It is a widely used method of compression for hight quality painted images or photographic images, but transparent pixels cannot be used here. The degree of compression can of course be adjusted, so the higher is the quality, the larger image you will get in the output. This compression method is lossy, so some original image data is lost and cannot be restored after conversation.
This png to jpg converter freeware will allow you to get jpg image, which size will be less than png. It is not to deal with the converter itself, but it depends on the compression nature of jpg and bitmap nature of png. In the bottom of page you can see examples of using online png to jpg converter with 75% quality and 100% quality.

PNG image basicaly containt pretty quality, so it's better to use 100% quality of jpg output, it this case jpg images will looking the same.
Unfortunately JPG not allow partly transparent pixels, it's reason why partly transparent pixels will be converted to not transparent color.

Choose PNG file:    Quality:

There are examples of using our free converter png to jpg online with diffrent quality rate. Pls note that white color on Image 1 - it's transparenty, that's why it black on jpeg images. Image 1 (initial PNG with transparent), size 39Kb
Image 2 (jpeg, 100% of quality), size 23.5Kb
Image 3 (jpeg, 75% of quality), size 6Kb